Thursday, December 30, 2010 business culture

“You don’t need to go to the cinema; we bring the cinema to you”
            The internet is the most efficient tool of connection in the 21st century. Pieces of information are transmitted fast and easy to reach out the population throughout the world. Even though the era of TVs and Radios is not completely replaced by the newly emerging technology, it has a great potential in the future to succeed beyond our imagination. Thus, big television networks are currently developing online streaming sites to accommodate the needs of viewers. People prefer to interact with the system in order to watch the show of their choice. They may need to stop, forward, rewind or save the programs at their convenience. The beauty of the internet era revolves around enhancing the experience everyone craves to enjoy at a minimum cost.
             Ethiocinema has an interest aligned with the latest technology of the 21st century. It’s obvious that Ethiopians flee to other countries in search of a better opportunity. One thing that follows them is a national pride and the deep rooted culture which makes them miss the country. Our business does not only revolve around making money but also strengthening the cultural ties of citizens with the country. We channel the current sociological progress of our society through the movies for the Diaspora living abroad while developing our movie industry.
             For years, Ethiopians were not accustomed to the culture of appreciating creativities and rewarding the creators. We believe that Ethiocinema can build this culture by widening the opportunity of individuals to get the movies fast and cheap. Sometimes a thief doesn’t steal unless he or she is running out of option. This is the same scenario observed in the Ethiopian Industry. There is no well organized, cheap and convenient medium to channel the movies and this invites citizens to act illegally. We give a chance for our cinema to revive not only by chasing after the violators but also by creating a convenient means for the violators to change and support us.
            Ethiocinema stands for honesty, credibility and hard work. We keep our promise both for clients and customers. We make sure that a promise made is a promise kept. We do not act stubbornly to disdain affiliate businesses and enhance ours; rather we find a medium to working with anyone involved in the industry for a common goal and that is serving the Ethiopian people.  Whoever represents us or whoever works with us should clearly understand what we stand for. No dishonest approach is acceptable to attract customers or clients whatsoever. We negotiate with anyone to promote our purpose in the right way. Thus, it’s our belief that honesty and hard work build the credibility and feasibility of our business.